Rest will ease IT Band Syndrome PainAs far as treatment goes, the most common answer seems to point to one solution: rest. Pure and simple rest for a few days can do wonders for clearing up ITBS. In 1993, the U.S. Marine Corps realized that total immobilization of the afflicted leg greatly improved healing rates. When Marines were suffering from an injured leg, doctors ordered them to walk with crutches for three days.3 Once they were cleared to train again they were advised to begin running again, but to stop instantly if they felt any sort of pain. Following this regime, the USMC doctors found a 99% success rate in more than 2,000 injured Marines.3 Remember to keep your leg off-duty for a while and also place the afflicted leg in the extended position as much as possible; this will help with blood circulation. Keep applying ice packs to keep the swelling down and generally stay off of the affected leg for a few days. If you decide to start running or being active again, start out slow and try shortening your distance. Slowly work your way back up to your previous distance. If you start to feel pain again, stop immediately, and try it again the next day or so. As the world of athletics is a competitive one, it is common to feel the pressure to begin training again. However, you don’t want to jeopardize your ITBS in any way that could create a more serious impairment. The same goes for those who have physically demanding jobs. It may be difficult to put off work while your IT band recovers, but it will surely be beneficial in the long run. This should be one of your most effective treatments for ITBS.