Foam Rollers

foam rollers can ease back painA foam roller can be of great assistance in treating ITBS. It allows you to massage the muscles that are tense in the affected leg. These rollers can be found online, as well as in any health or athletic shop. They are typically inexpensive since they are made out of compressed foam. When you have the one you need, start by laying the outside of the injured leg on top of the foam roller. You will be in a side-ways, prone position and will use your body weight to roll the foam back and forth over the tight muscles around the outside of the knee. It may hurt a little because you need to apply force and roll deep into the muscle tissue for the best results. If this is your first time using a foam roller start off slowly and move at your own pace. If you like, you can even do this while resting face down with the foam roller underneath the top of your thigh. You can also try the roller on your inner thigh area, known as the adductors, this region is a “cousin” to your IT bands and their job is to keep you stable while walking or running. If these adductors are tight, they will actually pull your leg closer to the mid-line (center) of your body which can stretch and even lengthen your IT band. This can cause stress where your IT band attaches to the knee and hip, and can lead to pain and inflammation. Avoid rolling around the knee, as this is usually the area where the pain is most intense and the roller will not truly affect or massage this area. Also, further irritation to the knee area can cause more inflammation and may do damage to the sensitive area between the bony knob on the femur and the IT band. If done correctly, the foam roller should massage the muscles and remove any “knots” in that area. If you are experiencing an abnormal amount of pain, stop immediately.