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Ice can ease IT Band PainHOME CARE PRODUCTS

There are a variety of home care products that you can utilize during your periods of rest and relaxation. Ice packs are great assets in reducing inflammation and are relatively inexpensive. Applying cold to affected areas will do wonders in keeping down the swelling and should always be accompanied during periods of rest. Many people with ITBS place a tennis ball underneath the thigh of the affected leg. The specified pressure massages the muscles and is something you can easily do in a chair or during your down-time. There are also a wide variety of topical care products that aid in pain relief and minimize swelling and inflammation. Many of the topical options available only offer a few pain masking ingredients, however, there are also pain relieving products on the market that contain multiple “inactive” ingredients that can do more to give you faster relief from pain and swelling so that you can actually return to normal. These products can be found in most stores, but some of the best options out there can be found online. If you do suffer from ITBS, it is totally possible to treat it without resorting to NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin. These medications generally only mask the symptoms and can lead to a dangerous road once a tolerance for those drugs starts to build. The pain masking abilities of NSAIDs is threatening to your health in more ways than just potential side effects; they may cause you to convince yourself to train since you are not feeling your pain, which could prove to be detrimental to your body and lead to a debilitating injury. For the sake of your organs and musculoskeletal system, it is often best (and less risky) to stick with natural solutions that topically relieve inflammation and pain.