Protect Your Joints

Protect your Joints to prevent arthritis painRheumatoid Arthritis has the potential to make everyday tasks quite difficult especially during a flare-up. You may find that resting the affected joints can be beneficial, but as nice as this sounds, it is not always possible to do. When rest is not an option it is still important to protect your pained joints from repetitive motions. Thankfully, with all the modern inventions many assistive devices have been specially designed to give you a break even while completing your daily tasks. There is a plethora of options that can make living with RA just a little bit easier, such as button aids, zipper pulls, wide key holders that make turning a tiny car key easier, hands-free phone headsets, devices that allow you to grab things without having to use a firm grip or when things are placed on tall shelves, handrails, faucet levers or tap turners, even gas cap openers and that is just a few of the many options. Along with the assistive devices there are some other simple things to do that may perhaps help offer relief when you are tired and in pain.  

  • If you find it hard to grip the handle on your cabinet doors, try changing the knobs to large ones.
  • Have a stool readily available in each room. Rather than reaching for things in your pain, it would be much easier to put yourself on the same level.
  • For the kitchen, it might be wise to invest in electric graters, food processors, and can openers. It can be quite difficult for someone with RA to open bottles because of the small size and the amount of grip that it takes. However, there are some options available that can allow for a better grip.
  • For the bathroom, have a chair or bar stool available. Allowing yourself to sit while prepping yourself for an outing can help, especially during a flare-up.