Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Eat Anti-Inflammatory foods to lower arthritis painAndrew Weil, M. D. has popularized what is referred to as the “Anti-inflammatory Diet.” In today’s world with the abundance of processed foods available everywhere, many medical conditions, especially inflammatory diseases, have been aggravated and diagnosed in greater numbers than ever before. Numerous studies have shown that what you eat plays a huge factor in how you feel. While eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods will not cure RA, most doctors believe that consuming whole grains, fruits, veggies, olive oil, fish, beans, and even green tea, can greatly reduce overall inflammation in the body and help manage the pain associated with RA. In Britain, a study was conducted that included 130 women diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Researchers divided the group into 2 categories.  One group was invited and encouraged to attend a cooking class that focused on using anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich foods many of which were mentioned above. The other group only received pamphlets about eating healthy foods but did not actually make dietary changes. After 6 months, the group that attended the cooking class noticed significant decreases in their inflammation and morning stiffness as well as an improvement in their overall health, while the non-attendees’ symptoms remained the same.

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