Rest can ease pain from goutSimply getting the proper amount of rest during a case of gout can help the uric acid crystals flush out of the body quicker. Gout creates a severe amount of pain in the affected joint, so leaving it alone may be a “no-brainer,” but this means refraining from all use of the joint so that it receives a good chance of healing faster. If gout is in the big toe, it is important to refrain from walking, even if you are not experiencing pain. This will give the affected joint time to allow the sharp, razor-like crystals of uric acid to properly move away and be carried off by the blood stream. Applying ice may also be beneficial in reducing pain, however, many sufferers claim that applying an ice pack is impossible if the pain is too severe to even be touched. Also, cold temperatures have been known to possibly irritate the uric acid crystals even further, causing more inflammation and pain. If the area seems to have spurts of pain or flare-up only once or twice a day, you can use the periods in between the pain and sensitivity, to apply a topical analgesic to the area. Certain topical analgesics help treat the pain of gout and are a good idea to use during your rest or down time. Some of these products come in different lotions or creams, and not all products are created equal. When treating gout with a topical agent, it is important to use ones that not only relieve the pain, but also help reduce the inflammation in the affected area. Again, it is advisable to use these creams at any point in which the pain is not occurring from touching it.​