Prevention Exercise - Post Gout Exercise

Stretch to relieve pain from goutThere are two types of exercise that a sufferer of gout may use for treatment. Preventive exercise keeps off excess weight and is what a gout patient might use to stop gout from ever occurring. Research has shown that men who are overweight have a higher risk of developing gout. This is most likely due to the excess weight and the high cholesterol diet that may be linked to it. Losing excess weight is correlated with preventing gout and exercise is a great way to make that weight disappear. Exercise also helps keep the joints flexible and allows blood to flow normally in the joint area. The other type of exercise for gout is for those who already have gout, and want to try to alleviate the pain and help make the affected joint return to normal faster. These exercises involve stretches and light physical exercise that involve movement of the joint. These types of exercises are most commonly done when the gout is not flaring up or causing severe pain. The most simple of these exercises is stretching.

  • Shoulder stretches, placing your hands by your side and rolling your shoulders forward and backward for a few minutes, can keep the joints in the shoulders flexible and moving properly.
  • Rolling your wrist in a slow, counterclockwise or clockwise method to help flex the wrist joints is also something you can do at any point during the day.
  • Light exercise to help prevent gout includes activities like swimming, tai chi, simple stair climbing, and other minimal aerobic exercises.
  • Generally, any type of low-impact exercise that doesn’t exacerbate your gout can be beneficial in preventing it.

Before starting a regular exercise or stretching routine, it is advisable to speak with your doctor first. You don’t want to complicate other ailments from excessive physical stretching or exercise. If there is a severe amount of pain when moving your joints, immediately stop and consider another form of treatment. It is important not to worsen your existing gout or other conditions, so be careful when starting a new exercise or stretching routine.