Assistive Devices

Using assistive devices to help relieve hand and knuckle pain.There are a variety of products and devices out there that can help make everyday tasks easier to perform. When you have pain and inflammation in the hands, it may be much harder to do everyday things like open a jar or even take off your shoes. The way you grip things and use your hands to perform tasks can make a big difference in the amount of pain you experience in your hands. That’s why there are many handy assistive devices on the market that can keep your hands from overworking and reduce the amount of pain that you experience. Following is a list of just a few of the excellent assistive devices available for people who suffer from pain in their hands.

  • Items like button hooks make buttoning a shirt easy and fast
  • Long-handled shoe horns for removing shoes/boots
  • Zipper pullers make it easy to zip something without grasping that tiny little pull.
  • Coiled, no-lace shoelaces offer the chance to put your shoes on without worrying about using your sore fingers to tie them.
  • One of the most infamous devices is the jar opener. These openers come in different styles and forms. The Dycem Jar opener is a rubber cup-shaped cushion that you place over the lid while twisting. The Good Grips company makes a handheld device that has small teeth to grip the lid and open it up. One of the best jar openers is called the JarPop and it can open any vacuum sealed jar without any twisting or turning. Most all jar openers cost below $20, so they are fairly inexpensive when you consider how helpful they can be.
  • Other assistive devices include:
    • Book holders for reading without having to hold the book in your hands
    • Key holder/extension for easily turning door keys
    • Universal turning handles
    • Automatic door openers
    • The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding items to help you with everyday tasks. It might be a great investment to purchase some of these products, in order for the affected area in your hands to have time to heal. When the hands are not being worked as much, you will feel less pain and have a chance to start feeling better.