Use Arnica

Use Arnica to ease carpal tunnel painArnica, also known as Leopard’s Bane, is a special herb used as early as the 1500s to treat inflammation and injuries. Extracts of Arnica contain 1, 5-trans-guaianolide, a specific chemical that attacks the enzymes of inflammation. Other inflammatory processes that contribute to pain are also stopped by several vasoactive substances. It is widely used in Europe and Asia for carpal tunnel syndrome and other inflammatory disorders. A group of doctors in Switzerland studied the effects of arnica gel on 204 arthritis patients. They compared the effects to that of ibuprofen gel and found that Arnica was just as effective as the Ibuprofen gel. In fact, more patients in the arnica group expressed satisfaction with their results (64%) than did in the ibuprofen group (58%). Patients reported a decrease of pain in the joints and less morning stiffness.