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Wholesale Rewards Program

Wholesale Rewards Program

It takes less than a minute to fill out our membership form.

Real Time Pain Relief

Over the last 20 years, most of the business our family owned company has enjoyed has come from people like you spreading the word about the effectiveness of Real Time Pain Relief products.

The RTPR Wholesale Rewards Program is designed to say “thank you” to our most loyal advocates with the potential for huge profits.

Our Wholesale Rewards Program has been reimagined to make it easier than ever for you to earn extra money in your spare time.

“...After my Mother-in-law tried it for a week and it got her out of a knee brace she hadn't been able to walk without, I was sold! I called the person that sold us the product and added the product line to my Restaurant...The Product sold out almost as quickly as I could get it in...A short time later I realized my Real Time business was being slowed down by running my restaurant. I tried running both but it was my profits from Real Time that kept my restaurant going, so I sold the restaurant… I had over tripled my income! As a bonus, I see my family more now than when I worked the restaurant!”

Chris I. - Illinois


Real Time Pain Relief Family

RTPR is a family business that was started by two friends, Tim Flatt and Ron Snodgrass over 20 years ago. Initially, they only shared Real Time Pain Relief with their family and friends. But word soon spread when people experienced powerful pain relief.

Two decades and 10,000,000 tubes later, we’ve continued to expand our family with the Wholesale Rewards Program.

If you’ve been recommending Real Time Products to friends, family, or anyone else (or would like to start doing so), then we hope that you will join our team. You'll be part of a community that feels like family. We are dedicated to helping people ease their pain with a superior formula of nature's ingredients and NO harsh chemicals. As you help us in this mission, you'll enjoy the financial rewards of doing so.

Whether you are looking to make extra money to buy a new car, stretch your retirement earnings, or even make a full-time living, this program lets you do that. All while helping people relieve pain.

Because Real Time products are so effective, you’ll never need to use pushy sales tactics. All you’ll need to do is offer potential customers a free sample. Once they feel the pain relief start to work (which doesn’t take long), they usually purchase on the spot! That’s all there is to it.

It may be a cliché to say that this stuff sells itself. But considering how many people have found serious relief from pain, our products really do sell themselves.


“The reason I signed up was the idea that I could help people with their pain. I am not a salesperson, never sold anything before but I believed I could ask people to try the product… and it has worked very well for me.”

Violet M.- Washington

It takes less than a minute to fill out our membership form.

A Fast Growing And Beloved Brand

Take a look at the brand you will be a part of:

Rave Reviews

Many products with over 4.6 stars on Amazon and over 1,000 reviews across our entire product line.

Highly Praised

The thousands of earnest testimonials we’ve received across our website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms prove how much our products improve people’s lives.

Loyal Customers

Our repeat customer rates are among the highest rates in the pain relief industry.

Effective Pain Relief

Made from Nature's ingredients to provide rapid relief for many types of pain.

Nature's Ingredients

Our products are free of harsh chemicals like: parabens, GMOs, artificial colors, or sulfates. Real Time products only use nature’s most effective pain relievers.

Fast Acting

Real Time products absorb quickly, leave no greasy residue, smell great, and provide targeted pain relief in just minutes.


In other words, people love our products because they work. As a result, our brand is growing fast.

By joining the RTPR Wholesale Rewards Program, you get immediate access to our entire product line at half of its full retail price. That means you’ll double your money on every sale!

With such high profit margins, your income is only limited by how much time you want to dedicate to sharing Real Time Pain Relief with others.




How Does The Program Work?

This program allows you to buy RTPR products at wholesale prices, and then sell them at a 100% Mark-up.

In other words, you earn $1 for every $2 of product you sell.

Your profit margins increase when you factor in our rewards program and stock grants.


Where Can You Sell The Products?

There are so many ways that people have successfully sold our products. Whatever scenario you can think of, we’re confident it will work and it has probably been done before.

Here are a few proven examples:

  • At a medical office
  • At a store or business you own
  • At events or markets
  • To friends and family

Whatever way you choose, we have a comprehensive training program to help you succeed.


Is This A Multi-Level Marketing Business?

Absolutely not. Unlike most MLM companies, you make serious money selling the product because you are buying at a true wholesale price and selling at a true retail price.

You also aren’t required to sign up friends and family. You can recruit people if you want to, but you only make money from selling the product at its actual retail price.

There are also no fees or monthly requirements for this program.


Are There Any Requirements For This Program?

We don’t have any requirements to maintain membership.

We only ask that you believe in our products and are willing to share them with others. The rest will take care of itself.

It doesn’t matter if you are a healthcare professional, a business owner or just someone who wants to sell it to their friends and family. If you are willing to introduce people to the relief of Real Time products, then we can help you succeed.


I’m Not A Salesperson. Do You Offer Any Training?

Of course! We don't expect you to have any formal sales training. Most of our best members are not sales people. They were customers that became our advocates. 

We offer comprehensive training and videos on our platform that is free to our members. 

Our training will give you all the best strategies that have been proven to work by the most successful Real Time Wholesale Members. 

The training covers everything from event displays to social media marketing and everything in between.



“I am enjoying the RTPR Rewards Program. Especially the fact that using rewards credit is just like cash toward purchasing products.”

Jean B. - Maryland

How Do I Sign Up?


Step 1

Sign up for the membership program here. It takes less than a minute to fill out our membership form.


Step 2

Choose which of the products you want to sell. Sign up right away to ensure you get the free bonus kit with a retail value of $105.


Step 3

Watch as many of the training videos as you’d like.


Step 4

Once your package arrives in the mail, you can begin selling the products and earning rewards points.


Step 5

Reorder from our online catalog of products as needed.


Wholesale Program Benefits

  There are never any membership fees or costs.   No minimum purchasing requirements.  
  Wholesale price is half of retail price.   Comprehensive rewards program.  
  Stock rewards for top sellers.   Extensive training program.  

It takes less than a minute to fill out our membership form.

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What they say about Real Time Pain Relief

I had suffered for years with arthritis in both hands and especially my right middle finger I could not stand for anything to touch it.
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Bonnie H. - Mableton, Georgia

After 18 years of Pain and countless forms of Pain Management, Pain is no longer a part of our daily routine. Never take this product of the market!
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Patricia J - George Town, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Saludos mi nombre es Josue Lugo soy oficial del Orden Publico en Abril de este año reciví una herida de bala en mi pierna derecha con calibre muy alto , se me afectaron 3 nervios del pie lo cual me produce mucho dolor y adormecimiento.Para aliviar el
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Josue L - Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

I stopped by the California Colmo Del Rodeo in Salinas and purchased a tube for $30.00. It relieve my excruciating pain in the back of my neck. My pain was so painful I could not turn my neck.
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Albert Fong - Salinas, California

Mom and I tried Select Plus and it works great!
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Angie H. - Des Moines, Iowa

I have arthritis in my hips, shoulder, and back and I am in constant pain all the time. I purchased Real Time Pain Relief in Pigeon Forge TN. and it brought instant relief and lasted for several hours. Going to keep it on hand and never run out.
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Sharon Wink - Utica , Kentucky

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