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May 2016

Can Swimming Ease Back Pain?

swimming can help reduce back painDid you know that water therapy is great for people who suffer from back pain that will not permit them to perform traditional exercise due to the impact? When someone is immersed in water, gravity is countered so that no weight can apply pressure to the back. The water acts as a spotter to guide movements in a safe manner and prohibits the kind of injuries that are caused or worsened by balance problems.

This is just one of 10 tips to ease back pain that we have found for you. Patients often notice a remarkable reduction in their pain while they are in the water. If your back hurts too bad to exercise but you are looking for a way to get active so that you can reduce muscle stiffness, swimming or other forms of water therapy may be ideal for you.

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Can Exercise Improve Sleep?

Exercise can improve sleep and help with insomniaHave you heard that exercise can improve your quality of sleep? Researchers have concluded that at least 150 minutes of exercise a week can greatly benefit individuals who have chronic insomnia. Not only were they able to sleep but people who began engaging in physical activity also found that they received peaceful and effective sleep.  

This is just one of the benefits of afternoon exercise that we have found. Since it is not convenient for everyone to wake up early in the morning to exercise, we have provided reasons why it may be worth carving out some time in the afternoon to reap the amazing health benefits of exercise.

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Are Nurses at Risk for Arthritis?

Nursing as job can lead to arthritis in back and kneesDid you know that being a nurse can increase your chances of developing arthritis in your back and knees? This is because of the strenuous work that is required of a nurse, like lifting patients while bent in awkward positions and being up on your feet all day.

This is just one of the 10 jobs that we have found to be hard on the body’s joints. If you are a nurse, there are measures that you can take to prevent the wear and tear that can occur to your body because of your job. Since the first step to prevention is education, you may be able to learn about proper lifting techniques that greatly reduce your chances of developing arthritis.

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Do You Pay Attention to Your Posture in the Car?

Good posture while driving can prevent pain on road tripOne common cause of back pain when driving is a direct result of sitting with incorrect posture. Poor posture while sitting in the car for long periods of time can create tension and pain. If you are already suffering from aches and pains, poor posture will just exacerbate the pain you feel. Practicing good posture while driving ensures that you don’t end up with any more back, hip, or neck pain than necessary.

This is just one of our tips to avoid an uncomfortable road trip that we have found for you. In our latest article, we have provided you with a list of tips to achieve good posture while driving.

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Can Exercise Benefit Fibromyalgia?

aerobics and stretching can relieve fibromyalgia symptomsDid you know that staying physically fit is a proactive way to battle fibromyalgia? Not only does staying active build endurance, a healthy heart rate, flexibility, and balance but it also helps with fatigue. Stretching can also fight the pain of fibromyalgia because it promotes more blood flow in these sore areas and can help “work out” tense areas in the body.

This is just one of our 10 tips to relieve fibromyalgia pain that we have found for you. Low-impact exercises, such as walking, swimming, or bicycling are the best types of cardio for fibromyalgia sufferers to perform. Each of these options offers a way to be active without overworking all your joints and exhausting your energy. Stretching exercises are easy to do and can be utilized at almost any point during the day.

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Do Hot and Cold Therapies Relieve Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis?

hot and cold therapies can relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritisDid you know that heat and cold therapies can greatly benefit the pain that accompanies rheumatoid arthritis? Applying cold compresses for 15 minutes is known to reduce inflammation and soothe pain in the joints. Heat therapy effectively eases pain, relaxes the area, stimulates blood flow, and reduces swelling.

This is just one of our 9 tips to relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. Both of these forms of therapy are simple and affordable solutions to relieve pain. More than likely, you can find everything you need for them in your home already. You can even make your own ice pack or heating pad!

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Do Night Splints Actually Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Night splints can relieve plantar fasciitisDid you know that wearing a splint at night provide relief from the morning stiffness that accompanies Plantar Fasciitis? When a person rests or sleeps, the plantar fascia and inner plantar muscles shorten and adapt to a nonfunctional state; this is the reason why so many people with Plantar Fasciitis suffer from the sharp, intense pain within their first few steps after sleep or relaxation. Splints apply a constant, light stretch to the Plantar Fascia and the surrounding muscles, preventing them from contracting.

This is just one of our 5 tips that we have found to reduce the pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Some people give up wearing night splints because they find them uncomfortable to sleep in. It is true that the splint may keep certain types of sleepers from lying in their preferred sleeping position; however, the patients who give night splints a chance, find relief. Many find that with a combination of treatments such as stretches and massages, they not only find relief but also rehabilitate their Plantar Fascia.

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Can Ginger Relieve Pain from Gout?

Ginger can relieve pain from goutDid you know that ginger is a good food for gout patients? A 2011 study that was published in the Annals of Biological Research found that ginger acted like a strong anti-inflammatory and lowered the symptoms of gout in mice just as effectively as the gout medication called indomethacin.

This is just one of the foods that we have found to actively benefit the symptoms of gout. Ginger is very easy to find in most grocery stores and is reasonably priced as well. You can either eat a piece of raw ginger every day, or you can find a number of ways to incorporate the ingredient into your dishes, teas, lemonades, and salad dressings.

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Do Your Muscles Get Sore on Road Trips?

Allowing time to stop and stretch on your road can prevent pain and stiffnessAre you thinking about embarking on a road trip in the near future? Do you look forward to it or dread the fact that you may be uncomfortable at times? If so you should check out our latest article about how to prevent an uncomfortable road trip. For instance, when you head out for your adventure, are you the type to push yourself and avoid taking any “unnecessary” stops at all? Or, do you take your time and allow yourself to stop and stretch your legs at regular intervals?

If you allow yourself to stop and stretch, you may just prevent that pain and stiffness that takes over after long periods of sitting. When you walk around, you get your blood flowing well again and prevent the muscles from being strained and sore. This is just one of our 9 tips to prevent pain and discomfort while taking a road trip that we have found for you.

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Back Pain? It Could be Osteoarthritis.

osteoarthritis in your back can cause pain and change how you liveDid you know that Osteoarthritis can settle in your low back and spine? In fact, it can be one of the most damaging forms of Osteoarthritis, not only to your body but also to the way you live everyday. It begins as stiffness and soreness in the back, but if it is allowed to progress for long it can begin to cause nerve problems, as well as problems with the jelly-like discs in the spine. If you have pain in your back for a certain amount of time, it would be wise to visit your doctor as soon as possible in order to find out if it is arthritis wreaking havoc on your back. The sooner you can treat it, the less damage it does to your body in the long run.

This is just one of the areas of the body that we have found to be commonly affected by Osteoarthritis. Since education is one of the best forms of prevention, we have compiled this article for you. If you can learn about the earliest warning signs of arthritis you can implement treatments and know what your body can and cannot handle and possibly prevent a lifetime of pain.

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